Holy Guacamole!

Last week I received the wonderful news that I am a regional finalist in the Wedding Industry Awards!! Having written on my previous post my excitement about entering and how wonderful it would be to be nominated I was really quite overwhelmed with the news!


It really did feel incredible to know that my clients are 100% behind me and really loved the service they received from me so much that they took the time to vote. When you work by yourself it can be really hard to gage just how well things are going (or not going!) so this nomination really is a testament to my hard work over the last year and that just feels amazing!

Obviously on the night of the awards I will be keeping everything crossed, but this nomination in itself is something to celebrate on the night, and Iā€™m going to take this opportunity to raise a glass to my amazing clients from the last year and celebrate either way the award goes.

Thank you SO much to my lovely clients for your votes and your trust in me, your lovely designs and projects are what makes me feel so lucky to call this my job.

Now time to get myself a snazzy new frock! x

vicky perry