2019 Trends

They say that being an expert in any field allows you to be able to predict the future within your market when it comes to the next big thing. And although it would be very un-British of me to call myself an expert, I have designed a fair amount of invitations now to know what to expect over the next year in terms of design.

I thought I would share with you my own top five picks for wedding stationery trends in 2019 for those of you who are currently planning your wedding and pinning all those inspirational imagery for your future stationery. So grab a tea and lets jump to it!


We have already seen these colours and tones being introduced into stationery designs towards the end of this year and they are going to feature more heavily in 2019. Beautiful Moroccan terracottas, rich Earthy tones and bright bursts of blues and oranges. This was also enhanced when Pantone released their colour of the year for 2019 with it being Living Coral, a shade that goes so beautifully with this palette. I already can’t wait to start designing with these dreamy colours.


The way in which we present our invitations to our guests is essentially the same, printed cards that can either come as stand alone pieces or as part of a set. And one way to make your invitation suite more beautiful in 2019 is to layer up your pieces. Whether your stationery will be stacked in height order, placed over edges and folds, or wrapped in multiple layers of soft hand torn stocks, this way of packaging your items will be big in the coming year. It looks elegant and effortless and is always nice for your guests to hold when they open your invitations.


When we have multiple layers of cards and paper stocks it would make sense to have something to house and hold these items together, and the bar for this is being raised in 2019 for fastenings. I will predict to see eyelets that progress from simple copper circles to bigger and more dramatic brass fastenings that are holding layered items together. Simple stationery items such as crocodile clips will be made more elegant and used on wedding stationery items for a much more modern and dramatic look.


We all know that hand lettering has been big for a while and is certainly not a new trend to be introduced into 2019, but the smooth cursive style that we are used to seeing will be matched with a much more rough and ready style (can I get a hallelujah for all those lettering designers like me who struggle with getting everything so perfectly smooth!) My thoughts on the reasons for this could be down to the popularity with tools such as ProCreate allowing us to really create lettering that is much more natural and realistic to the everyday script.

hand lettering

Illustration has been hot for a very long time, and rightly so because its all just so bloody beautiful. And although it will continue to be popular for a long time to come I also predict photographic imagery to make a big statement in stationery designs in 2019 too. I personally love it and used varieties of photographs on my own wedding invitations to create a really beautiful collage style design. We can expect to see images of flowers, fruits and foliages to name a few.


These are simply my thoughts on where I believe some of the design trends may lead us in 2019 and of course predictions aren’t necessarily always right. And really what it comes down to for me is creating something that is truly beautiful and answers a clients brief, rather than trying to follow a certain style or trend. But just seeing some of these images that I have put together is making me VERY excited for the year ahead and I simply cannot wait to get creating some new template designs along the lines of these themes.

Sooo what do we all think!? Which is your favourite? Let me know!

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