Something scary

SO. Once again it has been a wee while since I’ve checked into the blog. I’ve had a successful Summer and as far as things go I’m enjoying the Summer Wedding season a lot this year. I quit my day job back in May (!) and I can now call this little business of mine my full time job. What a joy. And the main reason for me checking in is to tell the World that I am taking a giant leap of faith and entering Violet Paper Studio into the National Wedding Industry Awards!


What’s it all about?

Well, it’s an award ceremony dedicated to congratulating suppliers within the wedding industry where entrants are judged by a panel of experts. And what drew me most towards entering this year was discovering that votes are made by my own real clients from this year. I felt this was a great way for me to get a really good understanding of just how well I was performing this year (or even how bad!) My clients vote on a scoring system based on multiple questions and what a great way for me and also them to evaluate the success of our projects together. Because I believe my clients also put a lot of effort and hard work into their stationery when it comes to their preparation, time management and communication. They deserve to see how well things have gone too!

The one thing that can make entering seem a little awkward and very un-British is that I need to enter and put forward myself in order to be in with a chance of actually being nominated. Now, this is the scary part because I am essentially putting myself out there and saying to my clients and my nearest and dearest, and essentially the whole World, that I believe I deserve to be noted for this award. And who even says that about themselves or their business, that they believe to be good, or worthy of such a prestigious title. But I figured if I didn’t believe in myself and what I was creating with this business, then nobody else was going to believe in me for me.

SO! I decided to just bloody go for it, and after speaking to a few clients about their thoughts they were more than behind me which gave me so much confidence that this could be something truly exciting. After all I have worked super hard this year so it’s time to celebrate it.


Can I vote for you?

If you are a client of mine and I worked on your stationery between 24-10-17 & 09-10-18 then yes you can! Below is my unique voter link which will take you directly to my voting page.

I can’t thank those clients enough who have taken the time to vote already, it means SO much to know that my business was worth a vote and that you believe in me too.

So here’s to crossing all my fingers and toes and seeing what this entry will bring for me! I’ll keep us all posted. x

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